Finally finished my 303(ish) clone

I think it was nearly 5 years ago when I originally built my Oakley Sound Systems TM3030 – his take on the TB-303 mi8nus the sequencer. For many years it’s been used with the controls on a ‘temporary’ bit of perspex bolted to the PCB.

While the sound of the unit is close to the 303, it’s not a 303 – not that that bothers me. Because of this I decided to max it out with modifications. Some the classic mods to be found on the internet and some of my own design.

A few friends have asked for a demo of how it sounds so I shot this quick video for anyone daring enough to subject themselves to 8 minutes of the same pattern with a bit of knob twiddling!

Just for the sake of it here’s a series of photo’s charting the finishing off of this build.

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Filter Explorations with 3 filters based on the Serge 1973 VCF

This is a little experiment I made after reading a thread on the Muffwigglers Forum where someone put forward an idea as to how three Serge 1973 VCF’s could be connected to form the Serge VCFB filter bank.

Whether this is correct or not it sounds pretty lovely!

With this configuration you get 5 bandpass outputs along with Low and Hi pass outputs. About half way through the video there’s a fade between two mixes of outputs. Modulation and pitch control of the filter comes from a RYO Penta sequencer and a Miasma function generator providing envelope and LFO sweep. There’s also a small amount of delay added to the output.

New DJ mixer is taking shape nicely.

New DJ mixer is taking shape nicely. It’s taken well over a year so far but will be worth it. It’s a slightly modified version of the @fabricastronaut pathos mixer which is based on a classic Bozak.

It’s a slightly modified version of the fabricastronaut pathos mixer which is based on a classic Bozak.

This has been a bit of a long term project! I’ve had the boards for over two years and it took quite a while to acquire some of the obsolete FET transistors used in this as they’re now pretty much obsolete – I say pretty much as Mouser do sell them but at nearly £30 each!!!

I also decided to go with a different cue system and had to add the extra circuitry for that.

The power supply is built so once I’ve finished the wiring I’ll be able to fire it up for the first time and see if it works.

The final stage will be to construct a proper case for the mixer…….

Perhaps next year!

CGS Programmer/Sequencer works nicely.

CGS Programmer/sequencer works nicely. Probably ought to finish the panel at some point but for now discovering what I can do with this, a sequential switch and some logic.

Inspired by the fact that one of the PCB fabricators I use had a cheap deal going on and I was recovering from surgery and not able to do much else, I thought I’d design myself some boards for the CGS programmer/sequencer.

It’s a project I’ve had in mind to do for a while as design intrigued me. I’m very happy with the results. This is a great sequencer to work with.

To be fair this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You do need to pair it with logic circuits and a sequential switch to get the best of it.

The panel is still very much a work in progress. Mainly this is because I want to design a new sequential switch to pair with it.

PCB’s before assembly.

First test of one of the Syncussion clones I’m building.

I’m building two of the PsycoX Syncussion SY1M clones at present. The plan was to build two and sell one to finance the build – we’ll see if that happens!

Here’s a little snippet of my first test of one of the builds. It’s a lot of fun! I haven’t even calibrated it yet.