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Drums of Doom!

drum on a breadboard

…like any other attic dwelling mad inventor I’ve come up with a drum circuit. Initially I started by putting another circuit I’d found together on a breadboard and promptly blew up the chip it was based around. Sadly there was no explosions or even a puff of smoke…

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she sings…

dronesynth with TRG-1

The wiring is done on the voice board and I’ve fired her up to see how she sounds. As the modulation board isn’t installed yet I’ve hooked the TRG-1 up as a modulation source to test how everything works. There’s

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TRG-1 in action.

After much faffing with far to many components I’ve finished the circuits used to control the VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter) of my Juno. Here are a few samples with the TRG-1 being triggered from my TR-707 drum machine and taking

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New Toys!!

TRG-1 from above

Even though things may have been quiet here, it’s been a hive of activity in the real world. For a while now I’ve been hard at work building my a drone synth. I really got back into building audio electronics

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