drum on a breadboard

drum on a breadboard
A drum on a breadboard

So, I’m currently enjoying a few days off work and have got some time to play.

This was originally meant to be a short post to update all that’s been happening here in the lab. As it turns out that’s quite a lot so apologies for the slightly epic length of the post. You may want to get a drink and a few snacks before you go any further.

What have I been up to you may wonder?

Well on Sunday like any other attic dwelling mad inventor I’ve come up with a drum circuit. Initially I started by putting another circuit I’d found together on a breadboard and promptly blew up the chip it was based around. Sadly there was no explosions or even a puff of smoke. It just ceased to do anything at all.Read more »

dronesynth with TRG-1

The wiring is done on the voice board and I’ve fired her up to see how she sounds. As the modulation board isn’t installed yet I’ve hooked the TRG-1 up as a modulation source to test how everything works.

dronesynth with TRG-1
dronesynth with TRG-1

There’s a few issues to iron out, the output of the oscillators needs the level increasing and the control voltage sources will need a bit of fine tuning but it all works.
Have spent most of the day playing with it and I’m very happy with what I can do with it. By it’s very nature learning to play the thing will be a series of happy accidents. You just keep tweaking the controls till it sounds nice.
I’ve made a couple of recording of my play. All synth sounds are the dronesynth and all recordings are live.
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TRG-1 from above.

TRG-1 side view
TRG-1 from the side

Even though things may have been quiet here, it’s been a hive of activity in the real world. For a while now I’ve been hard at work building my a drone synth. I really got back into building audio electronics again after making a dub siren for a friend last year and slowly I’ve been studying designs and modifying them into my own probably far to complicated version.

I had the main voices for the synth finished a little while ago and have been working on circuits for modulation sources. I decided that one circuit in particular would be useful outside the synth I’m building as a modulation source for my beloved Juno 6.Read more »