As a kid I loved the Professor Branestawm books – as much for the illustrations by Heath Robinson as the stories themselves. Sadly the vinyl of this was a little scratched but still enjoyable. I’ve now got 2 off these but sadly the other no longer has an illustrated cover.

The search through charity shops continues!

Just got these in the post. A new PCB material panel for the remaining stock of CV Express boards. All graphics are done in the signal layer rather than silk so they’re shiny silver!

The CV Express was the first module I designed. I’ve learn’t a hell of a lot since then and would do things differently if I was designing it today. But it works, it was my first and I’m a proud parent!

This video was uploaded a while ago but I’ve been a bit crap at posting here for a while!

What you’re hearing is a Benjolin modulating two self oscillating Plague Bearers placed in series with their output fed back through the Benjolins filter.

A little while ago while having a bit of a sort out I came face to face with the extent of my backlog of projects! So, I’ve been on a bit of a mission to make a bit of a dent in it.
Here’s my progress so far… (part 1)!

Multi Voice Changer Megaphone

This was an easy one. It’s a cheap and cheerful kids toy I was given as a gift at some point which makes a pretty great noise. Years ago I started experimenting with putting a jack in the side to take a signal straight out for recording purposes. To this end I knocked up a simple opamp gain stage to boost the signal to a better level.

The unit originally worked by a basic trigger switch connecting power to the unit every time you wanted to speak into it. This generated a pretty load pop so I installed a switch for the power and a good quality pushbutton switch to switch on the microphone when you wanted to talk into it. It still pops a little but not that load and I quite like it!

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