lego robot!
studio robot
lego robot!

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. With very little warning I discovered I had two weeks to find a new place to live and move. Luckily it’s all worked out well but it’s been pretty full on. I’m never overly keen on moving as it involves moving my records and equipment. It’s times like this you wish you had lighter interests. 🙂

So what have I been up to?

The studio is pretty much back together although I have less space here so I’m still moving bits around to get it as compact and workable as possible.

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drum on a breadboard
drum on a breadboard
A drum on a breadboard

So, I’m currently enjoying a few days off work and have got some time to play.

This was originally meant to be a short post to update all that’s been happening here in the lab. As it turns out that’s quite a lot so apologies for the slightly epic length of the post. You may want to get a drink and a few snacks before you go any further.

What have I been up to you may wonder?

Well on Sunday like any other attic dwelling mad inventor I’ve come up with a drum circuit. Initially I started by putting another circuit I’d found together on a breadboard and promptly blew up the chip it was based around. Sadly there was no explosions or even a puff of smoke. It just ceased to do anything at all.Read more »

voice board wiring
spaghetti 1 - voice board wiring

Just a quick update with some pictures to show how my drone synth is coming along. The design is now finished and two of the three boards are built.

The panel layout is sorted and I’m currently putting it together on a plastic panel to see how it works out. I have a metal panel but will see how the thing performs before going wild with a drill as there’s over 100 holes.

I’m currently thinking I may try a version with different oscillators but am doing my best not to get distracted and finish this first.

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The intention was to put together a mix to accompany this post. But time has passed and with the current fun and games we’re having with our internet I thought I’d just post this as it’s been sat on my hard-drive since October last year. The mix will be along at some point in the future I hope.

Rhythm and Blues has always been a part of my musical life. I grew up listening to my parent’s records and in particular developed a great love for my fathers Graham Bond Organization records. I have long known that the scene was hugely influenced by American Rhythm and Blues but hadn’t really explored much further than that over the years.Read more »

These days there’s a bit of an obsession with the music you’re producing being new and unique – the latest new thing. While it’s good that people are trying to produce something new and original, I sometimes wonder whether the media and indeed the artists themselves get too caught up in the idea of creating new scenes for their music.

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