I served a girl yesterday and she had the punk look down to a tee. If it wasn’t for the lip piercing’s she could have stepped out of the eighties. It was an interesting thought – not that I was ever a punk – but 20 years on, here was I looking fairly normal, serving someone recreating a look that was around when I was their age.

All this may make me sound old, but although I may joke about being old I am in fact rather bemused by my age.
Next week I will be 35. It’s kind of crept up on me.
I certainly don’t feel 35 and I’m not sure that I act 35.
Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with being this age; in fact I’m rather enjoying it. It’s just that I’m not sure I believe it!!!

I may look back fondly at being a teenage Goth, proudly wearing a backcombed Robert Smith birds nest on my head but I certainly wouldn’t want to do it again. It was high maintenance. It took a whole week of abuse with hairspray, crimpers and a comb to get my hair into a spiky tangled mess for the weekend. None of us used to get to the pub that much before nine on a Friday night because we were all at home slaving over a hot hairdo!!

As for the tight stretch black jeans, I’m not sure I would ever want to put my testicles through that again.

But it was a good time and I would never change it for the world. It is amusing to see teenagers going through the same pains in hair and tight jeans!!

My other addition is my amusing sight for the day, which occurred on my way home from the pub. It was a strange sight. A drunk man trying to quietly get a large (2ft by 3ft by 2ft) cage of birds in through his front door at around midnight.
I don’t think I need to add any more.
In fact by not adding any more I give any one reading the chance to ponder for themselves – what happened next?

Do it know, there’s no time to loose….

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Personally I’m not sure about this idea of offsetting your carbon footprint. I think the answer is to reduce your footprint, not ease your conscience and say “well I’m offsetting so therefore I can”….
Good as planting a few tree’s may be, surely those with celebrity status would do more good if they promoted a lifestyle of not using resources needlessly. For pop stars like the singer in Coldplay, a keen advocate of planting trees to offset his jet-setting, wouldn’t a better approach be to work on a more ecologically friendly way of touring.

I think a carbon neutral lifestyle is a good start, but it is just that, a good start.

Well here I am again, post pub, not particularly intoxicated, but stimulated by a good discussion and exchange of views. I have to say that going to the pub after work is my favourite bit about going to work!! Tonight both of the H’s were present, partners in setting the world to rights over a beer.

It is one of the things I like about the social drink. For too much of my life I indulged in the social smoke, which doesn’t have quite the same effect. With smoking I found that the more I smoked over the years the more introverted I became, reaching a pint where I was spending time with people mainly because we shared a drug in common. I don’t really regret it, although I do wonder what I would have done with my life if I hadn’t been quite so detached and sedated. But that’s another story.

I rather enjoy sitting around in the pub having deep and meaningful conversations. I have never been very good at small talk. Quite honestly I don’t give a toss which celebrity is sleeping with which, or what happened last night on some TV soap opera.

I don’t do small talk like that. Call me a nerd but I like to talk about real stuff. I may not always be right about what I spout about, but I like to get it out there just to hear others opinions on it and hopefully learn something along the way. And that’s why I like going for a beer with either one H or two! Because we sit around and exchange opinions, ideas and views – and it stimulates my mind.

And after many years of sedation I like stimulating my mind!!

I have to admit I stated writing this intending to waffle about something completely different, but I’ve completely forgotten that particular thread…

But hey, its my blog!!

I love walking; it’s my favourite form of transport. Apart from my desire to leave the smallest imprint on our fragile earth, it is also the best way to build a relationship with the place you live in. You actually pass through life as part of it rather than riding through as a mere spectator (if you even bother to look).

My current joy in the wonder of walking has a lot to do with the time of year. In the last few weeks all the trees have exploded with leaves, and walking to and fro from work, noting their progress has been a soul lifting experience. Who can be down when the world around you is bursting with life? The though has just struck me that perhaps the fresh acid green of new leaves is the happiest colour I know! It makes me so happy to be alive.

My favoured route to and from work at the moment was introduced to me by a friend from work, and comes down the tree-lined edge of the level and round the front of the church before heading up the hill for home. I’ve got quite into walking down that tree-lined stretch. The spring sunshine and warm evenings have been great and every day the trees have been that little bit further on. And I just love the smell of life in the spring; it takes me back to tramping round the bluebell woods as a kid.

I have always found walking to be conducive to having a good think. Many a problem has been worked out while thinking and walking. I also find it a great way of experiencing the environment I live in. in walking to work and travelling the same route every day you get to watch and keep tabs on certain things as they change with time. Also, each time you make the journey there always seems to be some thing new to see, something you hadn’t noticed before or something which has changed. I don’t even mind that much when it’s pouring with rain. True some days can be down right miserable but other times it can be quite enjoyable.

I have to say this is my main reason for preferring to walk everywhere rather than use public transport. You get out and see life, and it makes you feel alive.