voice board wiring
spaghetti 1 - voice board wiring

Just a quick update with some pictures to show how my drone synth is coming along. The design is now finished and two of the three boards are built.

The panel layout is sorted and I’m currently putting it together on a plastic panel to see how it works out. I have a metal panel but will see how the thing performs before going wild with a drill as there’s over 100 holes.

I’m currently thinking I may try a version with different oscillators but am doing my best not to get distracted and finish this first.

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After much faffing with far to many components I’ve finished the circuits used to control the VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter) of my Juno.

Here are a few samples with the TRG-1 being triggered from my TR-707 drum machine and taking a control input from my Expression pedal. The TRG-1 is then providing the Trigger and VCF Control signals to the Juno 6.Read more »

TRG-1 from above.
TRG-1 side view
TRG-1 from the side

Even though things may have been quiet here, it’s been a hive of activity in the real world. For a while now I’ve been hard at work building my a drone synth. I really got back into building audio electronics again after making a dub siren for a friend last year and slowly I’ve been studying designs and modifying them into my own probably far to complicated version.

I had the main voices for the synth finished a little while ago and have been working on circuits for modulation sources. I decided that one circuit in particular would be useful outside the synth I’m building as a modulation source for my beloved Juno 6.Read more »