So I moved to Bristol in September. Really glad it over as I don’t like moving and I have a lot of stuff!

Shouldn’t complain though as I now have a lot more room. I’ve now got 2 benches – one for studio/music/computer stuff and a second dedicated workbench for electronic designing and building. Oh the simple pleasure of having a space where you can leave that work in progress and come back to it another day!

I also now have a view from both my desks out over the River Avon and Spike Island the other side. A vast inprovement over the wall in my last flat.

I’ve been meaning to add a few of these to my system for a while to compliment the Ornament & Crime’s I’ve already built. It was also an opportunity to try some ideas with creating panel graphics using the copper layer. I have to say I’m pleased with the results although the colour may not be to everyones taste!