Finally finished my 303(ish) clone

I think it was nearly 5 years ago when I originally built my Oakley Sound Systems TM3030 – his take on the TB-303 minus the sequencer. For many years it’s been used with the controls on a ‘temporary’ bit of perspex bolted to the PCB.

While the sound of the unit is close to the 303, it’s not a 303 – not that that bothers me. Because of this I decided to max it out with modifications. Some the classic mods to be found on the internet and some of my own design.

A few friends have asked for a demo of how it sounds so I shot this quick video for anyone daring enough to subject themselves to 8 minutes of the same pattern with a bit of knob twiddling!

Just for the sake of it here’s a series of photo’s charting the finishing off of this build.

To start with here’s a picture of the ‘temporary’ case it’s been used with for umpteen years!
After deciding what modifications to add and finding a case it was time to lay out the panel.
It’s a snug fit for the boards. There’s another 3 PCB’s in the finished unit.
On to drilling the panel…
…and then stamping and distressing the panel before infilling with black paint.
The oak sides were a bit of a bargain. I got a sample piece of solid oak flooring. It did involve a lot of sanding but it was very cheap!
And once I’d done all the sanding and finished with oil I’m rather happy with the result.
Lot’s of wiring. I don’t mind wiring, I used to make loom assemblies for petrol pumps many years ago. I do start by creating a wiring diagram to work to. I find the process helps to work out quite a few of the problem before you encounter them in the real world. Of course nothing ever goes totally to plan but the wiring diagram is also handy if you need to do any repairs at a later date.
Wiring completed it was time to test everything worked.
And once everything worked I could add knobs and go for a bit of a glamour shot!
Finally, shooting the video!