Panels in the post

A while ago I posted about building the CGS59 Programmer/Sequencer for myself.

Well I’ve now gone wild and crazy and done a panel for it! Very happy with how its turned out. It’s a PCB panel with all graphics in tinned copper rather than using the silkscreen layer.

Anyone who looks too closely may wonder why I have the holes for the Up switches on the left and the Down switches on the right. It’s a simple answer – I got the switches the wrong way round on the PCB’s and as this will be a one-time only run, that’s the way things will stay. Who knows what happy accidents will be discovered as a result of my error.

This sequencer is a lot of fun to use. The fact you can have different active states for each stage dependent on the direction the sequencer is clocked allows for some very interesting results. And the individual stage inputs act as multiple reset points allowing for some interesting looping variations.