CGS Programmer/Sequencer works nicely.

CGS Programmer/sequencer works nicely. Probably ought to finish the panel at some point but for now discovering what I can do with this, a sequential switch and some logic.

Inspired by the fact that one of the PCB fabricators I use had a cheap deal going on and I was recovering from surgery and not able to do much else, I thought I’d design myself some boards for the CGS programmer/sequencer.

It’s a project I’ve had in mind to do for a while as design intrigued me. I’m very happy with the results. This is a great sequencer to work with.

To be fair this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You do need to pair it with logic circuits and a sequential switch to get the best of it.

The panel is still very much a work in progress. Mainly this is because I want to design a new sequential switch to pair with it.