Backlog – part 1

A little while ago while having a bit of a sort out I came face to face with the extent of my backlog of projects! So, I’ve been on a bit of a mission to make a bit of a dent in it.
Here’s my progress so far… (part 1)!

Multi Voice Changer Megaphone

This was an easy one. It’s a cheap and cheerful kids toy I was given as a gift at some point which makes a pretty great noise. Years ago I started experimenting with putting a jack in the side to take a signal straight out for recording purposes. To this end I knocked up a simple opamp gain stage to boost the signal to a better level.

The unit originally worked by a basic trigger switch connecting power to the unit every time you wanted to speak into it. This generated a pretty load pop so I installed a switch for the power and a good quality pushbutton switch to switch on the microphone when you wanted to talk into it. It still pops a little but not that load and I quite like it!

Dual Thomas Henry CMOS ADSR envelopes

I purchased 4 PCB’s back in 2013 when Fonik first did a run of them and at the time only built one up. To be honest I rarely use ADSR envelopes as I find Buchla and Serge style function generators more useful and flexible. But as they were languishing in the backlog I thought I’d build two of the boards behind a single panel to make the most of the space. The individual gate outputs for each stage of the envelopes have been included as anything that generates more timing signals is a useful function to have.