Yusynth EMS Diode Filter.

Finally got round to finishing this filter and I’m very glad I have. It sounds fantastic.

I got the PCB quite a while ago when I swapped some of my boards with another user on Muffwigglers. Initially it didn’t work and it took me a little while to find the error on the PCB which was easily fixed with a jumper wire. I also decided to try it with my replacement for the LM3046 which is discontinued in a through hole package. My replacement uses 3 pairs of SMD matched transistors. I tested it with a real LM3046 and my replacement. There’s more gain in the LM3046 and the signal is a bit hotter but it still sounds pretty much the same with my replacement. As my stocks of LM3046’s are pretty low I decided to use the replacement. I’ve put a link to the project at the end of this post.

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In the video I have one VCO running into the audio input and one into the cutoff frequency CV input. Additional tones are produced by increasing the resonance.

Link to my LM3046 replacement:

Order from OSH Park