Pikacyu☆Makoto were amazing

Pikacyu☆Makoto were amazing

Another somewhat dodgy phone picture of a gig that in no way capture just how good these two were on Friday.

My discovery of Pikacyu☆Makoto came through one of those evening following video links on YouTube. I’d been watching videos of Aquaserge and found the channel of their bass player and started watching her videos. One of them was of a performance by Pikacyu☆Makoto from 2011. From there it was on to Afrirampo and a whole stream of related videos.

Live and in the flesh they far surpassed any video. In fact I think it would be very difficult to ever truly capture their performance. It was something that had to be experienced. It was a journey of extremes from mindbending chaotic walls of noise to spaced out sonic soundscapes. Both artists were amazing talented and creative.

I did manage to find this video online of a small part of the set – you can see the person shooting it in the forefront of my picture!


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