A few of my builds so far this year

A few of the modules I’ve built so far this year.

From left to right:

  1. CGS transistor AND gate.
  2. Dual 3 input op-amp OR gates, my design based on something I found in an op-amp datasheet.
  3. Ian Fritz Analog XOR.
  4. Ian Fritz AR/AD envelope with added range switch.
  5. Serge/CGS 1973 VCF based filter with added V/oct input, tweaked resonance and modifications to the input and outputs to run at Euro levels.
  6. A prototype of something I’m working on! It works fine but I need to streamline the circuitry a little.
  7. Hiding in the edge of the shot is a voltage processor.

Glamour shot from another angle!

Below is the distribution boards I’ve just made up for the case I’m re-building.