New case for playing live.

New case for playing live.
case open...

I’ve been intending to sort out a proper case for the synth for a while. While it worked fine at the time the rough case I’d knocked up it wasn’t ideal for playing live.

My intention had been to build a wooden case and had got as far as pricing up getting the wood cut. However for Xmas I received a Maplin gift card. I don’t normally buy stuff there as components are overprices but a bit of searching revealled this.

So, my synth has a new home and to be honest I’m so happy with the case I’ll probably get another as the case is now nearly full!
Anyway, yet again I’m failing to keep the blog of my progress up to date. I finally received my order of Vactrols a while ago and have added Thomas White’s Buchla Lowpass Gate and Fonik’s PS3100 resonators to the synth. I’m particularly happy with the latter and have had particular fun creating vowel like sounds with it.

I’ve also added a few more envelopes and utility modules. I haven’t had a chance to photograph them all but here’s a list in no particular order:

  • A dual version of Thomas Henry’s latest 555 based AD/AR envelope generator. It’s another amazing little design. Really economical low parts count and works a treat.
  • Two more of Ian Fritz’s excellent AD/AR envelopes with delayed pulser.
  • Two of Fonik’s DC coupled mixers. Can be used to mix either CV or Audio.
  • A couple of Fonik’s attenuverters behind a 4u panel.
  • Ken Stone’s transistor OR and NOT gate’s behind a 4u panel

Here’s the latest selection of pictures of progress:

case closed!
case open…
adding modules…
another angle…
low pass gate 1
low pass gate 2
low pass gate 3
new beefy psu
all out for a re-jig
testing new delay pedal