Year: 2013

To much fun playing!

The synth in August

So I thought I ought to post another update. The blog has fallen by the wayside somewhat as I’ve been having to much fun playing with the modules I’ve built. Rather than bore you with a written account of all

I guess an update is in order…

voltage processor side

So I haven’t been great at keeping up to date with what I’ve been up to. To be honest I’ve been having to much fun playing with my synth to stop and write about it. I’ve got quite a few

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More modules complete.

Makeshift case

Oh the joys of a well stocked parts bin! Dull and frustrating as it was, the period I spent just amassing parts is now bearing fruits. I can just get on and build all these project I’ve had on the

Mega Percussive Update

I’ve failed massively at keeping the blog up to date since moving so I think an extensive update is in order. For this post I’m just going to concentrate on synth building as that’s what’s been occupying a lot of

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