Year: 2011

Congotronics vs. Rockers

Barbican 12 July 2011 I’ve been intending to write a bit about this for a while but life’s been pretty hectic recently and writing anything for the blog has gone by the wayside. A friend had seen the gig was

New records for June

Here’s a round up of some of the records I’ve picked up recently. Some are new, some are old but new to me and some are just old but I’ve only just acquired them.

Something I just cooked up!

It’s a bad title but I don’t care! After trying to record a mix to start this blog for a while here’s one I knocked up with out trying last night while waiting for a cake to bake! Just going

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Post Outer Mongolian Electro Throat Warbling

These days there’s a bit of an obsession with the music you’re producing being new and unique – the latest new thing. While it’s good that people are trying to produce something new and original, I sometimes wonder whether the

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